[121017] Taehun & Hyungshik’s convo :)


The wind blows a lot ㅜ Cold ㅜ Our pretties wear the warm-clothes♥


Taehun hyung, I have something to confess.. To be honest the photos hyung was uploaded are all the same photo.. I thought that’s intentionally but all of it are different photoㅠㅠ


The low angle.. ㅋㅋ The best.. Come out well… ㅋㅋThe hair and clothes are different!!!!

“He reads all his tweets and messages” … We are so so dead…

this is why I block everything I have ever said out of my memory… XD
I literally have no idea what I have said… I don’t know if that is better or worse ahahahah

What has Taehun been saying in the chats?

I only stayed for one of the chats so I am not sure of everything.. plus my Korean is not the best and there really is no way to use a translator since it all goes so fast and you will miss everything if you try… so I didn’t understand everything… but few things that I remember

-He was telling fans that he remembered their names and fans would ask him if he knew theirs.. and he did know quite a few of them
-His favorite color is black
-He was hungry since he is on a diet again and really wanted to eat mandu (dumplings) and jokbal (pig’s feet)
-He says his real height is 175-176
-He likes receiving nice letters more than gifts
-He reads all his tweets and messages

and that’s about all I can remember since it was like last week since I was on

so my friend pointed this out the other day…

In Aftermath, when Hyungsik and Siwan hug
The lines that Hyungsik was singing were Junyoung’s…

does that mean when Junyoung starts performing with them again and they do that song somewhere… he will be the one hugging Siwan…? because that would be really weird…

So I have always thought the lack of a American ZE:A’s fanbase was sad…
and especially after the announcement of the concert in LA I thought now would be an appropriate time to make one.

and thus the ZE:A’s America facebook is born…

(under the advice of other fans I made this a regular page instead of a fanpage…)

Feel free to add it! Even if you are not American ^^


It’s still very new, so there is not much to look at right now.. but there will be! I promise!


Any fans of ZE:A from the L.A.? You may want to take note of this (on the right) ^^


Any fans of ZE:A from the L.A.? You may want to take note of this (on the right) ^^

You never realize how boring your life is until someone asks what you like to do for fun.